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Our Vision and values

Our Vision

We are committed to designing and manufacturing the best ceramic tiles from our leading British factory, to be the market and brand leader.

To provide a sustainable future for our talented employees and stakeholders.

To continue to provide unrivalled service and exceptional value for money to our growing customer base.

We are committed to paying all our employees fairly for the work they do. Find out more information in our Gender Pay Gap Analysis (2018)


We exceed expectations through our creativity, from design and manufacturing to delivering intelligent customer solutions through products and commercial innovation.


Let's continue to be brave. To drive improvement and innovation, to keep challenging and allowing ourselves to be challenged. We're not the 'norm' and never will be. We believe in providing modern solutions for our customers to ensure the sustainable future of our business and shared community.


We have worked hard to create our brand and have built our future collaboratively together, moving forward without fear of a changing world. This takes honesty, loyalty and respect, values we are proud to be associated with.


We're proud to be a British manufacturer, supporting traditional craftsmanship and responsibly producing quality ceramic and glass tiles to the UK and also export globally.